ACCESSTRADE Announced As Global Sponsor at Affiliate Conference World Asia 2018

2 19 February 2019
ACCESSTRADE Announced As Global Sponsor at Affiliate Conference World Asia 2018

Affiliate World Asia is the world’s premier gathering of influential affiliate and e-commerce marketers with over 3.000 attendees!

The industry’s brightest minds, along with mastermind-level content on stage, and exposure to a variety of different opportunities, make AWA the most attractive event of the year.ACCESSTRADE by Interspace are glad to announce that we are Sliver Sponsor at Affiliate Conference World Asia 2018.

The conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, 4 – 7 December 2018.

Affiliate Conference World Asia - Event Overview

Affiliate World Asia was the first of the Affiliate World Conferences organized by the guys from Stack That Money. After a smaller event in Bangkok back in 2014 and the STM London event in March 2015, they decided to go pro and start the Affiliate Marketing Conferences so they could do a couple of big events every year, Affiliate Conference World Asia at ThaiLand and Affiliate Conference World Europe at Spain.

The Affiliate World Asia 2018 was a full-fledged affiliate marketing conference that was held over a period of 4 days, in conjugation with 2 more breakthrough events from 4th to 7th December 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand. These events brought together leading names and influencers from various fields of the internet industry like affiliate marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, CPM, social media marketing and more.

The 4 days event line up at Bangkok this time was as follows:

  • SheCommerce (4th December)
  • AWAsia 2018 (5th and 6th December)
  • E-commerce Mastery Live (ECML) (7th December)


ACCESSTRADE by Interspace at AWA 2018

ACCESSTRADE is the Sliver Sponsor at Affiliate Conference World Asia 2018.

The billion-dollar affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly and spreading its wings to cover almost the entire world by creating numerous offline meeting places for the world’s top digital marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs. One such place is the Affiliate World Conferences, where learners and entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe get to come face to face with the leaders of the internet world.

ACCESSTRADE is available in 6 countries including Japan and 5 Southeast Asia countries namely Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia. ACCESSTRADE's core value is becoming the strongest network in each country with support of over 8500 Advertisers + 550,000 publisher networks.


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