ACCESSTRADE's Global Conference, ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT is Coming Back in 2022

Events 5 05 February 2022
ACCESSTRADE's Global Conference, ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT is Coming Back in 2022

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Tokyo, March 5 2022 – The largest CPA affiliate network in Japan and Southeast Asia, ACCESSTRADE proudly presents ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT 2022. ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT 2022 is a one-day event that provides networking opportunities for performance marketers to help them mutually share, learn about, and discover new insights to promote healthy market growth. This event, which started in 2017, will be held for the fourth time in 2022.

This year, along with the celebration of ACCESSTRADE’s 21st birthday, ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT will bring together all of ACCESSTRADE partners consisting of advertisers, publishers, agencies, and solution providers representing Japan and Southeast Asian countries and gather them in a series of events, such as conferences, networking lounge, virtual booths by sponsors, and ultimately the AT AWARDS 2022 Ceremony.

This event will feature astonishing 25 speakers, all of whom are experts in their respective fields; they are:

  1. Shinichiro Kawabata (Founder and CEO of Interspace Group)
  2. Shohei Fujita (Managing Director of Global Business of Interspace Group)
  3. Konami Saito (VP of Global Business of Interspace Group)
  4. Prayudho Rahardjo (CEO of Interspace Indonesia)
  5. Hayato Nakata (CEO of Interspace Malaysia & Singapore)
  6. Enguang Ren (Product Manager of Interspace Group)
  7. D?ng Bùi (Business & Strategy Director of Interspace Vietnam)
  8. Peeraphon Jensubsin (Managing Director of
  9. Sirikalya Suthanyaphruet (Senior Vice President - Corporate Communications and Online Acquisition of KTC)
  10. Bryan Carroll (CEO of TNEX Vietnam)
  11. Mentari Rahman (Country Manager of
  12. Usman Raezra (Founder and CEO of
  13. Rainie Nguyen (Chief Marketing Officer of Interspace Vietnam)
  14. Apinya Lohavej (FVP, Head of Digital Sourcing - Consumer Banking of CIMB Thai)
  15. Nana Phan (Senior Sales Manager for the SEA Region of AppsFlyer)
  16. Narayan Murthy Ivaturi (Director – Digital Native & Performance SEA of InMobi)
  17. Chatt Anuvatudom (Deputy CEO of
  18. Nitiruj Atipongpisal (Co-Founder & Strategic Planning Director of Shopgenix)
  19. Yuto Kono (Principal/Head of Vietnam Office of Genesia Ventures),
  20. Budiono Darmawan (Chief Marketing of
  21. Tan Tmangraksat (Director of Partner Development, SEAPAC of AppsFlyer)
  22. Zahira Tahir (CEO & Founder of Universal Holidays Travel & Tourism)
  23. Teerachart Kortraku (Founder of StockRadars and RadarsPoint)
  24. Luu Ky Tam (Project Manager of ACCESS MOBILE)
  25. Thang Tran - Ông Giáo Review (Vietnam TikTok Influencer)
  26. and more to come.

Sessions will be split into five main events; the events are as follows:

I. Three opening keynote speech sessions

  1. “Performance Marketing Industry in 2022” by Shohei Fujita, Managing Director of Global Business of Interspace Group
  2. “The Key Start-ups and VC Trends in Southeast Asia” by Yuto Kono, Principal/Head of Vietnam Office of Genesia Ventures
  3. TBA

II. ACCESSTRADE 21st Birthday Celebration

III. Panel discussions are spread into three different time slots:

  • 1st session
  1. E-Commerce Marketing Strategy toward Post Pandemic Era
  2. Post Pandemic Effect on Travel & Tourism in Asia (2022)
  3. Renovating Financial Partnerships in a Post COVID World
  • 2nd session
  1. 360° of Growth Which Drive Success for Your App
  2. Establishing Successful Customer Experience Through Omnichannel
  3. Emotional Influencer Marketing Strategy & Performance Measurement
  • 3rd  session
  1. Country Session ID - Crafting Powerful Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Indonesian Market
  2. Country Session VN
  3. Country Session MY & SG - Online Business and Marketing: What's Trending Now?
  4. Country Session TH - Take Business Through COVID-19 With Digital Marketing

IV. Networking Session

V. ACCESSTRADE AWARDS 2022: Publishers and Advertisers


This event will be held on: 

Date: March 16, 2022

Time: 09.00 - 21.00 Indochina Time (ICT) / UTC+07:00

Place: Virtual using Airmeet


We hope that by participating in our event, attendees will get insights directly from Asia's performance marketing practitioners and experts in their respective fields. The events will allow the attendees to directly interact with experts and deepen their knowledge through our interactive Q&A sessions. Additionally, our networking lounge will give advertisers and publishers a chance to get to know each other and collaborate with other companies with high growth potential.

As for sponsors, this event will help spread brand awareness and use the event as part of the company's positioning strategy in the affiliate marketing industry in Asia, thereby strengthening our sponsors' reputation in their fields.

Register for free on the website until March 9, 2022: 

Upon registering, the participants will get access to ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT, meet-up time at the networking lounge, and booth arena.

ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT is an annual event that provides networking opportunities for performance marketers to help them mutually share, learn about, and discover new insights to promote a healthy market growth.